Chip and Joanna Gaines Announced a New Line of Tableware at Target & We're Kind of Freaking Out

As EatingWell's resident "Fixer Upper" fanatic (I have Chip's new book on preorder, I wear my Joanna earrings on the regular and I'm known to steal—secret's out—our office copy of Magnolia Journal), I flipped at this breaking news: the HGTV stars are

1-Day Reset Meal Plan: 1,500 Calories


Sometimes hitting the "reset button" is just what you need to refocus and get back on track. This preplanned 1-day meal plan will help you kick-start the shift back to your normal routine. With delicious, no-added-sugar vegetarian meals, you'll feel energized, refreshed and motivated to stick to your healthy habits.


Avocado & Kale Omelet

How Eating Vegetarian Can Help You Lose Weight

Featured Recipe: Chickpea & Quinoa Buddha Bowl

Going meatless has many advantages, be it for your health or for the environment. But can it help with dropping pounds? Yes, vegetarians may lose more weight than meat-eaters, according to a recent review of studies published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

3 Foods to Ditch for a Healthy Gut

What do sauerkraut, kimchi and yogurt have in common? They're some of the best foods you can eat for a healthy gut. That's because they're all sources of probiotics, the good kind of bacteria your digestive system needs. These good bugs do all sorts of important things—like helping you absorb nutrients, fighting inflammation, protecting your intestines from infection and even turning on pathways to your brain.

The Best Healthy Foods to Buy at Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's has a bit of a cult following for a reason. You can only buy its branded foods at its stores, and its prices and selection for some items are hard to beat! It's not all healthy deals all the time at Trader Joe's, though. You should still read labels to make sure you're getting a food you feel good about eating. Here are some of our favorite healthy foods we always make sure to stock up on at TJ's!