Good Food Fast

Good Food Fast

Good Food Fast

From breakfast on the go to snacks, from the right way to order out to grocery store shopping hacks—these are the products and tips you need to start your year off on the right foot.


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Because eating healthy is important even when you can't be in the kitchen. The best healthy products you can buy, healthiest restaurant choices, and more from the food & nutrition experts at EatingWell

Best Healthy Foods to Eat at the Airport

Photo: Getty Images / Sergey_Peterman

If you managed to pack your bag, get some sleep, check in for your flight and make it to the airport on time, congrats! You're doing a great job at this traveling thing—particularly if you made it through security without having any essentials confiscated or subjecting yourself to extra screening because you forgot to remove your belt (whoops).

5 Kid-Approved Healthy Snacks From Costco

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

School is almost back in session, which means you'll have to start waking up extra early to get the kiddos' lunches packed and ready to go (sigh). Between balancing the early morning wake-up calls and brushing your hair before running out the door, packing a well-balanced lunch (or some healthy snacks for your kids) can become an afterthought.

To take some of the stress out of your mornings, here are five healthy snacks from Costco to tuck into your kids' lunchboxes—trust us, they'll thank you!

Trader Joe's is Getting Even Better: It's Slashing Prices on Produce

Trader Joe's is pretty great. They have so many options in produce, frozen foods, snacks, wine, beer and more. And they're pretty reasonably priced and might have the friendliest staff, ever. Yet the store keeps making us love it more and more. During an episode of the store's podcast, Inside Trader Joe's, Jack Salamon, who manages the produce department, shared that Trader Joe's is slashing its prices on produce to better the environment. (Hey, we are not complaining!)