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Food with Purpose

These people and organizations are inspiring and helping others through their work with food.
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Food with Purpose
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Food is much more than nourishment. Food with Purpose explores the potential of food to improve our society. We profile people and organizations who are inspiring and helping others in their community through their work with food.

This Woman Uses Extreme Couponing to Help Feed Thousands of Homeless People

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It's not unusual to want to mark a big birthday with an equally big milestone or event. So at the age of 29, Lauren Puryear created a big challenge for herself: to feed 300 people struggling with homelessness or food insecurity before her 30th birthday.

She reached her target in one day. So that got her thinking: What if she set a goal to feed 30,000 people before her 30th birthday?

Indigenous Food Harvesting Techniques Help Preserve the Land for Future Generations

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Sammy Gensaw III considers it an enormous privilege to have grown up on the same piece of Northern California land as his earliest ancestors. He hunts, fishes and gathers food from the land of his great-great-great-great-grandparents, but says it's "not the same world" his ancestors lived in. "The earth is a living organism and we are making it sick," he says.

This Woman Makes Healthy School Lunches Kids Actually Want to Eat

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"What was wrong with school lunches as they were … was that they were school lunches. And there was a lot wrong with school lunches," says Betti Wiggins, officer of nutrition services for the Houston Independent School District.

Wiggins would know. She presides over the seventh largest school district in the country, with 280 locations and 209,000 kids. School lunch servers in her school district dole out 47 million meals per year. And to Wiggins' way of thinking, in the past, many of those school lunches were bad.

This Pizzeria Serves Up Pies Made—and Ordered—in Sign Language

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No one ever complains that dining at Mozzeria is too loud. In fact, the popular wood-fired pizza restaurant in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood is often full of diners, clustered around the Stefano Ferrara pizza oven at its heart. But even when every table is full, noise is never a problem.

That's because Mozzeria's main language is American Sign Language.

An LA-Based Nonprofit Rescued Over 22 Million Pounds of Produce In One Year to Help Feed the Hungry

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Laden fruit trees proliferate in the suburban neighborhoods of Los Angeles County. Founded in the late 18th century as a farming community, LA county was, as recently as the mid 20th century, the most abundant agricultural county in the nation. Today in LA county, more people struggle with food insecurity than anywhere else in the nation.