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Get garden-to-table tips and inspiration for growing your own food and delicious recipes for using up your harvest, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. Plus, find edible gardening advice and garden plans from our friends at Better Homes & Gardens.

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From garden to the table, get tips and inspiration for growing your own food and delicious recipes for using up your harvest, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. We've also partnered with our friends at Better Homes & Gardens to bring you edible gardening advice and garden plans.

9 Health Benefits of Gardening

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Sure, growing your own tomatoes or peppers is an inexpensive way to eat healthy—and nothing perks up a salad like a handful of freshly picked herbs. But gardening delivers a bushel of other benefits as well. Research shows it can reduce stress, fight heart disease and even boost your memory. That's no small potatoes!

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Joanna Gaines Just Announced a Chidren's Gardening Book and We Can't Wait to Read It

Photo: Tommy Nelson Children's Books

All hail the queen of farmhouse chic and our favorite plant lady. Joanna Gaines is releasing her fourth book, We Are the Gardeners, cowritten with her kids. From her Instagram sneak peek we know it's beautiful on the inside (no surprise here) and tells the story of their family garden.

The book comes out March 26, but you can preorder now:

You Can Revive Wilted Lettuce & Veggies with This Simple Trick

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After a day at the farmers' market, you come home with your bounty, look at it with admiration and promptly plop it into your refrigerator's crisper drawer. Five days later, when you recall the beautiful bunch of beets and crisp fresh head of romaine you picked up, you return to your fridge to stare in horror at the sad, soggy state in which your vegetables now find themselves.

How to Cook Beets So They're Actually Delicious


Beets, or beetroots, are jewel-toned root vegetables. But beets, with their shades of ruby red and sunset gold, are among the most misunderstood—and passionately disliked—vegetables. Beets can absorb a great deal of mineral flavor from the soil in which they're grown. That taste is appealing to some. But to others, it's a behemoth to be tackled before a beet finds its way to a plate.

How to Grow Microgreens

Submitted by admin on Sun, 12/16/2018 - 09:57
Microgreens, the first shoots of plants like collard greens, beet greens and mustard greens, are prized by chefs for their beauty and concentrated fresh flavor. They’re increasingly available for everyone to buy…for a price (some fetch up to $50 a pound). But for less than $10 you can buy the seeds and soil to cultivate your own windowsill crop. Here’s how:

Fun Planter Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Indoor Kitchen Garden

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