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EatingWell In Real Life
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EatingWell experts show you how to eat healthy and have fun. Because life isn't just about kale salads—there's chocolate and wine too.
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5 Italian Classics Every Home Cook Should Know How to Make

Listen, I love ordering pizza delivery as much as the next person, but that is an expensive habit. Plus it's so easy to make at home! Save money (and calories) by learning to make homemade pizza and more simple Italian classics at home. But be careful, once you get good all your friends will be looking for a dinner invitation.

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Master Healthy Italian

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The Best Reusable Products for Outdoor BBQ Parties & Picnics

Long, sunny days call for meals to be enjoyed outdoors. Whether it's a romantic dinner for two at your local park or an all-day beach party with 20 friends, bringing the right supplies assures a joyful meal. Disposable plates, forks and cups may be cheap and easy, but if you'd like to reduce, reuse and recycle a little more, here are a few of our favorite sustainable items to make sure your picnic is not only tasty but also green and stylish. Pack up your favorite sandwiches, snacks and a chilled bottle of rosé—it's time to bring the party outside.

5 Tips to Throwing a Killer Dinner Party without Breaking a Sweat

Dinner Party

You're throwing a dinner party—whoa. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Your parents threw them growing up and you love going to them now because what's better than chatting and laughing with your friends around a big ol' table of food? But now that the reality of hosting your own dinner party is setting in, it may seem a little overwhelming.

These New Seltzer Flavors Are Perfect and We're Kind of Losing Our Minds over Them

If you're anything like us, you are crazy about seltzer. Seriously, we have fridges in the office that are dedicated just to our seltzer habit, plus a SodaStream for instant bubbles anytime we want. There's just something about the bubbles, with just a touch of fruity flavor, not to mention the fact that seltzer is actually good for you. It's the perfect way to increase your water intake and hydrate with something more fun and delicious than just water, without consuming tons of calories or added sugars.

The Only Formula You Need to Pack Cheap Healthy Lunches for Work

Bento lunch boxes have always been my go-to method for packing lunches for my girls. And lately I've been using the bento method to pack healthy lunches for work too. Not only are they quick, but bento lunches have also helped to streamline my meal-prep process—something I'll take more of any morning! The dietitian side of me also loves that the packing process helps me ensure that the lunches include options from several food groups. Another plus: packing bento boxes for my husband and myself is cheaper than eating lunch out every day.