Budget Cooking Guide

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Budget Cooking Guide
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Save money and cut waste with our guide to cook and eat healthier on a budget.

Trader Joe's Now Sells a Drinkable Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar

Photo: Trader Joe's

There's a new drink in town at Trader Joe's, and it's sure to be a hit—Sparkling Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar! @TraderJoesList, the popular Instagram account for sharing exciting new products, shared a photo of the Strawberry Basil flavor yesterday. We're not so sure about the supposed health benefits listed in the caption, but we're excited to try it either way!

1-Week Meal Plan of Healthy Budget-Friendly Lunches for Work

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A little lunch-packing effort goes a long way to save some extra cash. This easy 5-day plan includes packable, healthy lunch ideas for each day of the workweek. They're easy to prepare, plus they're more affordable than what you'd pay for prepared food or takeout. Pack these lunches up in a few minutes each morning or, even better, prep all five lunches over the weekend to have ready to grab-and-go lunch in a hurry each day.

10 Shopping Secrets and Hacks From ALDI Employees

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