Wine, Beer & Spirits Guide

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Wine, Beer & Spirits Guide
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How to drink wine, beer and spirits in a healthy way from EatingWell's food and nutrition experts.

These Frosé Pouches Are About to Make Summer Even Better

Photo: Courtesy of Chanmé Frosé

We don't know about you, but we typically flock to whatever local bar or restaurant is whipping up an icy batch of frosé in the summer. But we were thrilled to discover that we could drink our favorite boozy summer treat at home (or by the pool!), thanks to these fun and nostalgic frosé pouches!

Can You Eat or Drink Your Way Out of a Hangover?

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Photo: Getty/G Stock Photo

We all know someone who swears by a half-gallon of Pedialyte or a favorite greasy breakfast sandwich to cure them of a nasty hangover. But do these "cures" actually help? We took a look into eight popular hangover remedies to see if there really could be some merit behind them.

This Rosé Mansion Is Basically a Mini Disney World for Adults

Photo: James Coletta

Ever wanted to participate in rosé tastings, enjoy one-of-a-kind art, play in a disco ball pit, eat some killer tacos and learn about all things wine along the way? It sounds like a dream, right? Thankfully Tyler Balliet and Morgan First, founders of the popular Wine Riot events, have brought our millennial dreams to life with their amazingly over-the-top Rosé Mansion which opened in Manhattan on June 1.

Oprah's New Go-To Cocktail Is Super Low in Sugar

Photo: Michael Tran / Getty

There's nothing like having a delicious, fruity cocktail on hand in the summer when you want to kick back and relax. Many summery drinks, however, are packed with sugar, carbs and calories, which can be tough on your waistline and energy levels. Plus, if you're on a low-sugar diet or are managing diabetes, it can be easy to forget, and overdo it with sweet beverages.

Make the Best Aperol Spritz Using Grapefruit Spindrift

We are huge Spindrift fans here at EatingWell because their products are so simple and delicious. They're made with sparkling water and a hint of fruit juice, so there's no guessing what makes up the “natural flavors” in there. Their grapefruit flavor is a favorite in particular: It's made with grapefruit, orange and lemon juice with a hint of hibiscus. Yum!

Eight Different Alcoholic Drinks, Ranked By Calories, Sugars and Carbs

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