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The EatingWell Test Kitchen food and nutrition experts answer your healthy cooking questions.

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The EatingWell Guide to Camping Kitchen Essentials

EatingWell Guide to Camping EssentialsWhether you're a car camper, hard-core backpacker or like to go glamping in style, you need to eat out there! And we've got you covered when it comes to cooking, eating and drinking at your campsite. These camping finds will help you stock your outdoor "kitchen" with everything from the basics to the fun upgrades that make your life easier out in the woods.

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for Food-Loving Dads Everywhere

A good bottle of red wine, a perfectly cooked steak and a lot of laughter—this is my dad's request for Father's Day gift ideas. In addition, I've found a few other Father's Day gift ideas any food-loving dad would be happy to receive.

Sansaire Sous Vide Machine, $199

Sansaire Sous Vide Machine

(Photo: Sansaire)

The Best Spiralizer for Making Vegetable Noodles

Submitted by admin on Thu, 04/16/2015 - 09:12

When I was tasked with testing vegetable noodle makers—aka “spiralizers”—I was hesitant. Growing up with a Chinese father, I primarily ate an Asian-inspired diet that included a lot of rice. But on special occasions, I had another option: noodles. And like most kids, when given the choice between rice and noodles, I’d always pick noodles. Noodles, in this case, meant ramen, lo mein, soba or egg and I loved them all—and still do. I was afraid that vegetable versions of my beloved noodles couldn’t come close to my enjoyment of the starchy originals.