Healthy Eating for Kids

Heathy Eating for Kids

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Raise healthy kids with delicious and nutritious meals, tips and advice from EatingWell food and nutrition experts.

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Healthy Eating for Kids
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Raise healthy kids with delicious and nutritious meals, tips and advice from EatingWell food and nutrition experts.

Is Your Kid a Picky Eater? Research Suggests They'll Turn Out Just Fine.

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By the time your picky-eater toddler reaches his or her early teenage years, chances are they'll turn out to be fairly typical eaters, according to new research published in the journal Nutrients.

Putting out an APB to parents worldwide: we can now breathe a collective sigh of relief! (And move on to worrying about something else we're doing that's messing up our kids.)

8 Great Ideas for Packing Healthy Road-Trip Snacks Kids Will Love

If there's one thing our family is good at, it's road-tripping. My best tactic for getting through a long drive all in one piece is to keep little bellies happy: pack healthy road-trip snacks and allow plenty of extra time for pit stops along the way. Because let's face it, road-tripping as a family can be trying for parents and boring for the little ones. So to keep travel as stress-free as possible, plot your stops out ahead of time so you have something to look forward to.

Vegan Diets Not Recommended for Children or Pregnant Women, Belgian Officials Say

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Pregnant mothers and mothers of young children and teens might be interested to learn about a recent statement made by Belgium's Royal Academy of Medicine, which recommends that people in these groups refrain from a vegan diet because it creates "unavoidable" nutritional shortcomings that could lead to vitamin deficiencies, stunted development, and more.

Star Wars Fans: These Are the Party Food Ideas You're Looking For

May the Fourth might be the official Star Wars holiday, but in our house every day is Star Wars day: Fleets of action figures, speeders, blasters and light sabers hide out in whatever shelf, bin or bookcase they can find shelter. We wait for each new movie release with bated Vader breath. The next installment, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, won't hit theaters until December 2019. Lucky for all of us Star Wars lovers, these recipes and gadgets will help us channel our inner Jedi in the meantime.

The Obamas Are Bringing a Kids' Cooking Show to Netflix

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Can You Avoid Developing Food Allergies? Here's What the Science Says

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More than 4 million Americans have food allergies, and the trend is only going up. Allergy rates have jumped from 3.4 percent of kids in 1999 to 5.7 percent in 2015. One reason is that our previous guidelines—to avoid allergens early in life—may have been totally backwards. (Find out how science is reversing its thinking.) Here are some of the other reasons experts say rates have kept climbing.

How to Make an Emergency Snack Kit to Avoid Hanger

That frustration aimed at your colleague after you worked through your lunch hour? The road rage you felt when you got stuck in traffic past dinner­time? You know too well what getting hangry feels like. Don't get caught empty-­handed with an empty stomach: pack an "always-with-you" kit full of satisfying, shelf-stable snacks to keep in your car, bag or office drawer. Start with an empty lunch box or zip-close bag to keep everything together.

3 Mother's Day Breakfast-in-Bed Ideas to Make Mom Feel Like a Queen

Submitted by admin on Tue, 03/19/2019 - 09:26

I'm a working mother of two kids under 5. What do I want for Mother's Day? Breakfast in bed. I want to sleep in till 7 (gasp!). I want my hubby to bring me a cup of coffee and that stack of magazines I've been meaning to read for months years. And I want my family to make me breakfast while I sit lazily in the comfort of that lovely piece of furniture that doesn't see enough of me: bed.