Healthy Cooking How-To's

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Healthy Cooking How-To's
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Learn how to cook healthy and delicious foods at home from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

How to Throw the Ultimate Backyard BBQ on a Budget

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We believe the best summer evenings are those spent in the great outdoors with good company and even better food. Everyone loves a classic summer barbecue—especially when it doesn't break the bank for the host! We all know having friends and family over for an evening of grilling and dining al fresco can get pretty expensive—quickly. Below you'll see how you can throw the ultimate backyard BBQ on a budget, including all the recipes you'll need for a delicious evening outdoors.

Your Formula for the Perfect Diabetes-Friendly Sheet-Pan Dinner

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This formula will help you create a sheet-pan meal that serves four.

10 Nights of Trader Joe's Meal-Prep Hacks for Super-Easy Dinners

I know I'm not the only parent out there who has days (or weeks, months or years) when getting dinner on the table is a struggle for which I barely have the time, energy or capacity. Some nights I don't have time to tend the stove, others no time to prep, and during the years I had a baby on my hip or in my lap, definitely no hands free for chopping. Unfortunately, in those times I didn't have much of a plan (there were lots of eggs). I know what else you're going to say—takeout. I know, I know.

Riff on This Grilled Eggplant Dish to Make 4 Different Easy, Healthy Dinners

In the height of summer it's easy to liven up dinner: just look to all the fabulous summer produce, like eggplant, tomatoes and basil. But instead of hitting the "repeat" button on the same recipes, keep dinner feeling fresh by mastering a basic recipe and then riffing on it. Try starting with simple grilled eggplant with fresh tomatoes and salty cheese served over creamy polenta—or serve it over pasta for an even faster dish. Or swap out the eggplant for zucchini if that's what's popping in your garden. Or make your meal even more substantial by adding some grilled sausage.

How to Cook Quinoa

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Learn how to make quinoa on the stovetop, in the rice cooker, and in the Instant Pot with this step-by-step guide. Plus, get expert cooking tips and healthy recipes for quinoa salads, bowls, and more.