Healthy Eating 101

Healthy Eating 101

Learn to eat healthy with our expert tips and delicious inspiration to help you prepare healthy food for you and your family.

How to Eat Healthy

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Healthy Cooking How To's

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Eat More Veg

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Learn to eat healthy with our expert tips and delicious inspiration to help you prepare healthy food for you and your family.

Make-Ahead Side Dishes

Submitted by admin on Thu, 10/05/2017 - 15:14
I am in love with side dishes. I choose entrees based on what comes with them. I go to steakhouses because I want the mashed potatoes and the piping hot rolls. I am not a vegetarian: I just love sides. I always have.

How Does the Snickers Protein Bar Stack Up?

With all the health hype around protein—it helps keep you full, builds muscle and helps you maintain your weight—it's no wonder people want to eat more of it. Now, you can even get a protein boost in your candy bar. Mars is making protein-packed Snickers, Mars, Bounty and Milky Way bars. There are plenty of protein bars that have as much sugar as a candy bar, so maybe a candy bar company adding protein to their product isn't that much of a stretch. But are these protein bars a tasty way to get your fill, or is candy really just candy? Here's the scoop.

Ready to Take Our 30-Day Whole Food Challenge? Here's What You Need to Know

If you're feeling like your diet could use a refresh, you've come to the right place. Every once in a while, that balance of a lot of good fresh foods and a few treats here and there gets thrown out of whack and you want a plan to help you get back on track. That's where our 30 Days of Whole Food Challenge comes in.

Best Vegetarian Choices at Panera

If you're a vegetarian, going out to eat can feel daunting sometimes. How do you order a meal that isn't just carbs or a salad that barely fills you up? The good news is some restaurants make vegetarian dining easier than others, and even more are changing their menus to reflect the shift to plant-based eating. We took a look at Panera's menu to give you a better idea of which items are not only vegetarian-friendly but also satisfying and nutritious all-around.

The Best Bento Box Lunches: 10 Healthy Sandwich-Free Lunch Ideas for Kids and Adults

If the same old sandwich lunches feel a little stale, it's time to skip the classic standby and upgrade to the best bento box lunch. Bento box lunches contain a wide variety of foods in artful, cute arrangements—plus, the reusable compartments of a bento box help control portion sizes and let you skip all the plastic baggies.

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Healthy Foods to Feed Your Kids When They're Sick

Are there healthy foods you can feed your kids when they're sick to make them feel better? When I was a child and had a cold, my mother would make me "honeygar," a homemade tangy-sweet mixture of honey and apple-cider vinegar mixed with hot water. And when I had an upset stomach, a glass of ginger ale was the tasty cure-all. I'm not sure these home remedies did much to cure my illness, but they tasted good and they did make me feel better. Isn't that the point, after all?

Amazing Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Pumpkin—quite possibly everyone's favorite fall vegetable—is really, really good for you. Granted, if you're consuming only super-sugary processed foods that claim to deliver pumpkin flavor with zero actual pumpkin added, you're missing out on all the nutrition pumpkin has to offer. Pumpkins and other orange fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes, papayas and mangoes, are bursting with carotenoids. Carotenoids are fierce pigments that multitask to keep you healthy.