How to Meal-Prep on Sunday for a Week of Easy Dinners

Busy weeknights call for easy dinners. These simple dinners don't require much prep to get to your table, which is made possible by a little work at the beginning of the week that helps to seriously cut down on total cook time on busy weeknights. In this meal-prep dinner plan, we'll have you prep a few key elements that come together to create five complete meals for four people.

30 Days of Healthy Meal Prep

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5 Meal-Prep Ideas We LOVE

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Do you ever feel pressed for time trying to get a meal together? Yup, us too—which is why we love giving ourselves a helping hand up front by taking advantage of make-ahead meals.

These mouthwatering meal-prep ideas are just the inspirational eye-candy we need to make a plan to eat healthy (and deliciously) this week.

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How to Meal-Prep on Sunday for a Week of Healthy Dinners

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Even if you love to cook, with after-school activities and other events taking up precious evening hours, making a healthy dinner some nights can feel like a chore. In this week's meal plan, we've chosen seven healthy dinners that are perfect for prepping ahead, so you can get most of the meal prep done and out of the way in about an hour on Sunday. With some light prep during the week, dinner will be on the table in a flash. This easy-to-follow plan will save you time and energy when weeknights get busy.

Hit Refresh: 7 Tips to Help You Master Meal Prep

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Cooking at home has major benefits. People who cook at home more tend to have healthier diets. They eat more vegetables, salads and fruits and take in fewer calories. The problem? Weeknights can be crazy—whether you work later than you planned, have hungry kids waiting less than patiently, get stuck in traffic or all of the above. That's where meal planning really helps you get a healthy dinner on the table and eat better breakfasts and lunches. So how can cooking at home become more convenient and less of a chore?

Meal-Prep Sunday Dinner Plan

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Want to stick to a healthy eating plan? Spend a little extra time on Sunday to get organized and prep your meals for the week ahead to save some serious time and stress on busy weeknights. For this 7-day meal plan, we list simple steps you can do on Sunday to get a head start on your dinners for the week, as well as convenient tips throughout the week and suggestions for quick breakfasts and packable lunches. You got this.

Budget-Friendly Pantry-Staples 7-Day Meal Plan

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Pantry staples can be your saving grace for those weeks when the clock seems to be ticking by faster than ever. Keep a few essential pantry items on hand—such as canned tomatoes and beans, frozen veggies, dried herbs and spices—to help get a healthy dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less. Using pantry staples means your grocery list will be short, so you'll also save plenty of money with this week's meal plan.