We Tried All the Vegan Eggnogs & These Were Our Favorites

Vegans rejoice! Non-dairy holiday nogs have hit stores to help make this holiday season a little more festive and a little bit sweeter.

Traditional eggnog is made with whole milk, cream, eggs and sugar. It's a rich drink and isn't low in calories or sugar. There are about 190 calories and about 20 grams of sugar in just 1/2 cup. And since eggnog is often spiked with booze, you can add a few more calories to that number.

Make These Gorgeous Stained Glass Sugar Cookies for a Fun Baking Project with Kids

Looking for something fun to do with your kids in the kitchen? Stained Glass Sugar Cookies are the perfect weekend kid-friendly baking project. These sweet little gems are really just a simple sugar cookie with a secret twist added just before baking. Crushed natural hard candies sprinkled into a hole in the center of each cookie melt to create a beautiful stained-glass effect.