High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Diet Guidelines

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Nearly one in three U.S. adults has high blood pressure—often called a “silent killer” because it usually presents no symptoms. Blood pressure reflects the amount of blood your heart pumps and the resistance it meets in your arteries: the more blood, and the narrower and more rigid your arteries (healthy vessels are elastic), the higher your blood pressure. The higher your blood pressure, the harder your heart has to work to do its job—which is why uncontrolled high blood pressure can sometimes lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Three Drinks to Lower Blood Pressure

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When you want to lower your blood pressure, think beyond slashing salt, calories and fat—and also consider what you can add to your diet. More vegetables, fruits and lean protein, says the Institute of Medicine in a February 2010 report on preventing and controlling high blood pressure. Plus, recent research points to three beverages that also may help to lower blood pressure. Consider drinking more…

4 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

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