How To Roast Pumpkin Seeds

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how to roast pumpkin seeds

It's the fall routine you remember as a kid: After picking the perfect pumpkins at a local farm, you'd spread crinkly newspapers on the kitchen table. Scraping the pumpkin seeds (and separating out the goop) led to the perfect jack-o'-lantern... and the perfect supply for making roasted pumpkin seeds.

Healthier Halloween Candy

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You might choose to hand out raisins and spider rings on Halloween, but do you really want to be that house on the block? Americans buy over 900 million pounds of Halloween candy every year, but there are some you can feel a little better about. (We promise, no tricks here!) Here are 3 healthier Halloween candies that will have kids excited about ringing your doorbell for a treat.

Read more about the risks of fake food dyes.

How to make 20-minute Halloween popcorn balls

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EatingWell’s healthy Halloween popcorn balls have very few ingredients, come in at 78-103 calories each, and contain whole grains and fiber from the popcorn. What's better? Our caramel popcorn ball treats have half the sugar and butter of traditional caramel-based recipes.

Our easy master popcorn ball recipe (below) is flexible, so you can really mix and match your flavors, add-in ingredients and healthy rolled toppings to make these Halloween popcorn treats all your own.

Trick or treat: The hidden health risks of food dyes

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I have a hard time saying “no” to gummy candy. But I won’t eat just any variety (bring on the bear-shaped gummies or anything sour-flavored, hold the gumdrops) and I’m choosy about my brands too. So particular, actually, that when my husband travels overseas my only request is that he bring back a special sour gummy candy because I can’t find it here at home.

Healthier Halloween treats

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I love throwing Halloween parties. I think the key to hosting a good family-friendly Halloween party is serving good food and having a fun activity for the kids (after they’ve finished trading candy, of course). This year we’ll make Spooky Fruit Faces (see instructions below), a super-fun craft for the kids to do while the adults sneak a peanut butter cup or two. For dinner, I’ll serve Healthy Halloween Recipes with an orange-and-black theme.

Here’s what’s on my party menu: