How To Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Submitted by admin on Wed, 10/11/2017 - 10:39
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how to roast pumpkin seeds

It's the fall routine you remember as a kid: After picking the perfect pumpkins at a local farm, you'd spread crinkly newspapers on the kitchen table. Scraping the pumpkin seeds (and separating out the goop) led to the perfect jack-o'-lantern... and the perfect supply for making roasted pumpkin seeds.

How to make 20-minute Halloween popcorn balls

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EatingWell’s healthy Halloween popcorn balls have very few ingredients, come in at 78-103 calories each, and contain whole grains and fiber from the popcorn. What's better? Our caramel popcorn ball treats have half the sugar and butter of traditional caramel-based recipes.

Our easy master popcorn ball recipe (below) is flexible, so you can really mix and match your flavors, add-in ingredients and healthy rolled toppings to make these Halloween popcorn treats all your own.

Trick or treat: The hidden health risks of food dyes

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I have a hard time saying “no” to gummy candy. But I won’t eat just any variety (bring on the bear-shaped gummies or anything sour-flavored, hold the gumdrops) and I’m choosy about my brands too. So particular, actually, that when my husband travels overseas my only request is that he bring back a special sour gummy candy because I can’t find it here at home.

Healthier Halloween treats

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I love throwing Halloween parties. I think the key to hosting a good family-friendly Halloween party is serving good food and having a fun activity for the kids (after they’ve finished trading candy, of course). This year we’ll make Spooky Fruit Faces (see instructions below), a super-fun craft for the kids to do while the adults sneak a peanut butter cup or two. For dinner, I’ll serve Healthy Halloween Recipes with an orange-and-black theme.

Here’s what’s on my party menu: