The Best Meal-Prep Containers for Work Lunches

The Best Meal-Prep Containers for Work Lunches

Making lunch and getting out the door at a semi-reasonable time is hard enough without struggling to find matching Tupperware to pack it in. So, instead of wasting one more second searching for a lid that fits, stock up on these totable (and cute) meal-prep containers to make portion control and transporting your lunch to work a breeze.

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Glad To Go Lunch Containers, $9


These Glad containers almost broke the internet when a Twitter user revealed that the smaller cup snaps inside the lid of the larger container. This little hack will revolutionize your lunch meal-prep, giving you the ability to easily pack your salad and dressing together, or grain bowl and sauce, or hummus and veggies—the options are endless!

Bentology Portion Perfect Prep n' Store Container Set, $13


Not only does this container set give you a place to put each part of your lunch, it also ensures you are eating just the right amount of each item. With a perfectly portioned container for veggies, fruits, proteins and fats, you can easily fill a whole week's worth on Sunday then mix and match the containers each morning to take to work.

Mason Jars, $12

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This may be the OG meal-prep container for work lunches, but if it's not broken don't fix it, right? We love the wide-mouth pint-and-a-half size for salads and even homemade cup-of-noodle soups too!

ECOlunchbox Oval & No-Leak Cup, $26


When you want to keep salads crisp and yogurt, fruit and other healthy snacks safely contained, try this 2-piece set from ECOlunchbox. Thanks to the leakproof silicone lids, your lunch won't go anywhere.

PlantBox Rover Lunchbox, $56


Bento boxes have been trending as a creative way to get kids to actually eat their packed lunches at school. But they're not just for kids anymore—this easy-to-pack lunchbox combines the holding power of five separate containers in one neat and tidy box. So you can have your veggies, fruit, protein and even salad dressing all in one container. Plus, this Planetbox lunchbox comes with magnets that add a little custom flair to the box. You may choose to keep it plain, but your kids will love to add their flair with the magnets.

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Bentology 17 oz. Bento Jar, $17


Once you've mastered the ease and convenience of a bento box, try these bento jars. They're handy for prepping and storing liquids like smoothies and soups. Bentology's insulated stainless-steel containers will store hot food for six hours and cold food for four hours, so no fridge or microwave required to keep your lunch fresh all morning long until lunchtime.

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The Best Meal-Prep Containers for Work Lunches