Make Healthy Happen

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Kick-start your get-healthy goals with us in January.

28-Day Weight-Loss Challenge

Ready to get healthy? Maybe lose a little weight and feel great too? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our 28-Day Make Healthy Happen Challenge will give you tools, information and recipes to help you be even healthier this year. As part of the challenge, you’ll get a weekly 500-calorie dinner plan and expert tips to put into action to lose weight and get healthier. Join us for the challenge January 4-28.


Healthy Weight-Loss Tips to Keep You Motivated


Day 1: Start getting healthier and track your progress with apps, the scale and photos.

Day 2: It’s time to make a plan. Here’s how to break it down.

Day 3: If you love food (sometimes too much), this is the perfect trick for you

Day 4: No time to cook? No problem—we’ve got you covered!

Day 5: Have you ever uttered the words “I hate going to the gym”? Here’s our solution.

Day 6: If it’s willpower you’re lacking, today’s tip helps you set yourself up for success.

Day 7: Remember: diets don’t work. So here’s what we recommend instead.

Day 8: Watch out for too many liquid calories (even in “healthy” beverages like green juice!).

Day 9: Make sure your snacks don’t have as many calories as a meal.

Day 10: Here’s why you really (I mean really) need to make a grocery list.

Day 11: What you do at night affects what you eat all day. It might be time to up your sleep.

Day 12: Rethink the way you set your plate and take a seat to eat instead of running around.

Day 13: Keep an eye on portions, but don’t drive yourself crazy measuring everything you eat. Try this nifty middle-ground trick.

Day 14: No time on your calendar for an hour-long sweat-sesh? Try these tips to squeeze in activity.

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Take our Make Healthy Happen Challenge to eat healthier and lose weight this month.
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