1-Day Gluten-Free Healthy Pregnancy Meal Plan: 2,500 Calories

With the delicious and balanced meals in this meal plan, you'll get exactly what you need for a healthy gluten-free pregnancy. We made sure to hit the daily recommended amount for each of the nutrients you need more of when pregnant and eating gluten-free—calories, sodium, protein, fiber, folate, niacin, iron and calcium—delivered in the form of satisfying meals and snacks. The recipes meet our Healthy Pregnancy nutrition parameters, meaning they deliver higher amounts of the nutrients moms-to-be need more of, and they don't have any off-limits foods. Each recipe also meets our Gluten-Free parameters, and has been check by a registered dietitian to make sure no gluten-containing foods made their way onto the menu. This meal plan is set at 2,500 calories, but you may need more or fewer calories depending on your unique needs. Talk with your doctor and a registered dietitian about altering this meal plan to best suit you.

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Breakfast (551 calories)

• 3/4 cup oats cooked in 1 cup low-fat milk and 1/2 cup water
• 1 tsp. maple syrup
• 1/4 tsp. cinnamon
• 2 Tbsp. chopped walnuts

Top oatmeal with maple syrup, cinnamon & walnuts.

• 2 cups cubed cantaloupe



A.M. Snack (305 calories)

• 1 cup 2% cottage cheese
• 1/2 cup canned, sliced peaches, packed in water
• 2 Tbsp. sunflower seeds

Fill a bowl with cottage cheese and top with peaches and sunflower seeds.



Super-Green Edamame Salad

Lunch (590 calories)

• 1 cup Super-Green Edamame Salad
• 2 cups chopped spinach

Serve edamame salad on top of spinach.

• 2 oz. colby cheese
• 1 medium apple



P.M. Snack (384 calories)

• 2 Tbsp. natural peanut butter
• 2 brown rice cakes

Spread peanut butter on rice cakes.

• 1 cup grapes



Blackberry BBQ Pork Chops with Collards & Corn

Dinner (687 calories)

• 1 serving Blackberry BBQ Pork Chops with Collards & Corn
• 2/3 cup frozen brown rice, heated
• 2 tsp. olive oil

Serve pork chops, collards and corn with a side of brown rice tossed with olive oil and a dried herb of your choice, such as thyme or oregano.

• 1/2 cup blackberries to enjoy after dinner


Daily Total: 2,517 calories, 122 g protein, 43 g fiber, 874 mcg folate, 14 mg iron, 1,564 mg calcium, 45 mcg niacin, 2,302 mg sodium.


Please Note: This meal plan is controlled for calories, sodium, protein, fiber, folate, niacin, iron and calcium. If you concerned about any nutrient in particular, like vitamin B12, talk with your doctor and a registered dietitian about altering this meal plan to better suit your needs.

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Blackberry BBQ Pork Chops with Collards & Corn