1-Day Healthy-Aging Low-Sodium Meal Plan: 1,200 calories

1-Day Healthy-Aging Low-Sodium Meal Plan: 1,200 calories


As we get older, our nutrition needs change, as they do at the various stages throughout life. For healthy aging, our bodies need more fiber, protein and calcium to support regular digestion, muscle maintenance, and bone health. On the other hand, our daily limit for salt decreases to help combat things like high-blood pressure, and heart disease. In this 1-day low-sodium meal plan for aging, we made sure to include foods like yogurt, cheese, eggs, and berries, and herbs and spices, to give your body what it needs to stay healthy while limiting excess salt. Eating a low-sodium diet, doesn't need to mean boring, bland food—you can still enjoy plenty of variety and flavor, as you'll see with this delicious meal plan.

Healthy Aging Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks



Blueberry Cranberry Smoothie

Breakfast (299 calories)

• 1 serving Blueberry Cranberry Smoothie
• 7 roasted, unsalted almonds


A.M. Snack

A.M. Snack (64 calories)

• 1 cup raspberries



Herb Vinaigrette

Lunch (302 calories)

• 2 cups chopped romaine lettuce
• 1 hard-boiled egg, sliced
• 1/4 cup shredded Colby cheese
• 1/2 cup cucumber slices
• 2 tablespoons Herb Vinaigrette
Combine the lettuce, egg, cheese and cucumber together in a bowl. Dress with the vinaigrette.


P.M. Snack

P.M. Snack (102 calories)

• 1 cup carrot sticks
• 2 tablespoons hummus



Ancho Chile Quesadillas

Dinner (452 calories)

• 1 serving Ancho Chile Quesadillas
• 1/2 cup sliced jicama
• 1 tablespoon lime juice
• 1 tablespoon cilantro, chopped
Serve the quesadillas with jicama tossed with lime juice and cilantro.

Daily Total: 1,219 calories, 59 grams protein, 1,041 milligrams sodium, 34 grams fiber, 1,315 mg calcium

Please Note: This meal plan is controlled for calories, protein, fiber, sodium and calcium. If you are concerned about any one nutrient in particular, speak with your health care provider about altering this meal plan to best suit your needs.


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Low-sodium doesn't have to mean boring and bland.
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