5 myths about cholesterol

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When a new study came out a few months ago stating that high HDL might not directly protect against disease, I paid attention. High HDL cholesterol is often touted as protective against heart disease, while high LDL cholesterol is linked to higher rates of heart disease. So the news that this might not always be true got me thinking about what other cholesterol myths are out there. Here’s what I found, starting with HDL:

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5 perfect food pairings every good cook should know

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We all know couples that just “work.” One person might be a talker and the other a listener. One might be flaky and the other one more organized. Whatever it is, successful couples are often complementary. The same goes for food. One element plays off the strength of another, making it a winning combination—a power couple, if you will (think peanut butter and jelly). Below are 5 fantastic food pairings that play well together. Stick with these and you’ll never be disappointed.

Can probiotics keep you from getting sick?

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With cold and flu season just around the corner, our precautionary routine has shifted from sunscreen for skin protection to immune defense. There are so many immunity-boosting products out there, and the search for a natural way to enhance your germ resistance has potentially generated an almost endless list of possibilities. (Don’t be duped by these 4 immune-boosting myths busted.)

7 easy ways to make your kitchen healthier

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Forget spring-cleaning: fall is the perfect time to spruce up your kitchen. Now that you’ve recovered from the laziness of summer (maybe I’m projecting a bit here) but before the craziness of the holiday season, there’s a perfect window for tossing those mystery items in the back of your fridge, replacing that gray-looking sponge sitting by your sink and cleaning those drips from the ceiling of your microwave. And while you’re scrubbing your cooking area to make it look nicer, you may as well do a few things to make it healthier too.

3 "green" habits that can make you sick

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In the past few years I’ve made some “green” swaps. I usually bring my own bag when I go grocery shopping, I choose tap water over bottled, I ditched paper towels and conventional sponges for cloth dishrags. But when Karen Asp wrote about these eco-friendly practices in EatingWell Magazine, I learned that sometimes going green isn’t all that clean. Find out some of the hidden dangers in these green swaps and, more importantly, how to do them right so that you’re being good to the environment and to your health.

Healthy Mexican recipes that won't make you gordo

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Remember when chipotle was an exotic ingredient? Now we have Chipotle (the restaurant) on every other corner. Americans love Mexican food when we eat out. Mexican chain restaurants grew twice as fast as other chains in 2009, according to a recent report. I love nachos dripping with melted cheese as much as you do, but fat and calorie levels are sky-high on many of those oversized restaurant platters of enchiladas or chimichangas slathered in cheese and sauces. It’s enough to make you cry into your margarita.

How not to overdose on salt

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Limiting sodium is important for healthy blood pressure and overall heart health. Yet most of us consume, on average, 3,400 milligrams of sodium each day. That’s much more than the daily 2,300 mg recommended limit put out in the 2010 USDA Dietary Guidelines. (If that sounds like a lot to you, keep in mind it’s the equivalent of just 1 teaspoon of table salt.)

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