Trader Joe's Just Released a Chocolate Hummus—and It Only Has 50 Calories

Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's has done it again! Yesterday, one of our favorite food retailers launched a chocolate hummus to help us beat those pesky sugar cravings. This product has barely been in stores for 24 hours, but based on the feedback it's already getting on Instagram, we're betting it'll fly off the shelves in no time.


4 Foods That Fight Aging Skin—and the Recipe That Contains Them All

There are some great things that come with old age—like retirement, grandkids, discounted tickets for shows and movies and more—but one not-so-great thing that happens? Your skin starts to age with time, and it's not as dewy, taut or fresh-looking as it used to be. And that means you might notice more fine lines and wrinkles, too.