Healthy Party-Food Ideas for Kids That Curb the Sugar Rush

As a parent of two young ones, we've got kids' parties, potlucks, holidays and celebrations scheduled almost every weekend (and sometimes more than once a weekend). Healthy party-food ideas for kids are a welcome change from all the sugary options that seem to preside at every party. What used to be considered a special-occasion treat—like cake, candy and lemonade—is now the norm, and it feels like we're always one piñata smash away from a sticky meltdown.

Your 1-Day Raw Probiotic Meal Plan

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Eating probiotics (live bacteria in raw fermented foods) can rev up the "good" bacteria in your body, which research has shown may help with weight loss, enhance the immune system, help lower cholesterol, and even protect against certain cancers. In this meal plan we feature six probiotic foods—kefir, kombucha, miso, sauerkraut, tempeh and yogurt—that were intentionally kept raw (i.e. not cooked) to keep the beneficial bacteria alive and active.

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