8 foods for skinny Italian cooking

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I grew up in a city in Connecticut famous for its Italian food—New Haven’s pizza places are some of the best in the world—so being able to enjoy fettuccine alla carbonara, osso buco, tiramisu and the like feels more like a birthright than a privilege. But whenever I want to enjoy a deliciously cheesy Italian dish, there always seems to be someone ready to make a disparaging comment about how unhealthy it is. Because Italian equals pasta and pasta equals carbs and carbs equal unhealthy, right? Wrong.

4 secrets for the best slow cooker beef stew

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When I was in culinary school we learned a lot about how to develop flavors. These methods usually involved high-end ingredients, a lot of prep time and sometimes following complicated procedures to get good results. Little did I know a much easier path to culinary greatness was sitting in my pantry the whole time I was sweating in a restaurant kitchen. That would be my slow cooker.

5 ways to use pizza dough

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For years, one of my favorite go-to quick-dinner tricks has been to grab a bag of pizza dough from the freezer aisle of my supermarket, a jar of marinara sauce, some cheese and a few veggies and whip up a delicious, homemade pizza.

The important nutrient you’re not getting enough of (and how to get it)

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There’s a super-important nutrient that, chances are, you’re not getting enough of: omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are a nutrient powerhouse, shown to improve heart health and mood. There are two kinds of omega-3s, in particular, that are important for overall health: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

How to cook amazing healthy recipes with bacon

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It’s hard to deny that bacon possesses some magical qualities. It regularly gets people out of bed in the morning, it converts vegetarians to meat eaters. In fact I’m having a hard time writing this blog because all I can think about is bacon’s intoxicating aroma. Everything about bacon—its smoky perfume, its salty, yet subtly sweet bite—screams “Eat me! Eat lots of me!”  But here’s where the fairy tale ends. If you sit down to a plate full of bacon, you will probably die. Okay, maybe not.

How to make chili from start to finish in 30 minutes

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From chuck wagon to roadside diner to epicurean cook-off, chili has been an all-American favorite for well over a century. Here at EatingWell, we haven’t been making chili for quite that long—but we do have some recipes that date back to the 1990s. We have chili recipes made with beef, lamb, chicken, and even some excellent vegetarian chili recipes too. Many of these recipes involve long, slow cooking on the back of the stove—just what you want on a chilly (get it?) fall weekend.

5 myths about cholesterol

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When a new study came out a few months ago stating that high HDL might not directly protect against disease, I paid attention. High HDL cholesterol is often touted as protective against heart disease, while high LDL cholesterol is linked to higher rates of heart disease. So the news that this might not always be true got me thinking about what other cholesterol myths are out there. Here’s what I found, starting with HDL:

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5 perfect food pairings every good cook should know

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We all know couples that just “work.” One person might be a talker and the other a listener. One might be flaky and the other one more organized. Whatever it is, successful couples are often complementary. The same goes for food. One element plays off the strength of another, making it a winning combination—a power couple, if you will (think peanut butter and jelly). Below are 5 fantastic food pairings that play well together. Stick with these and you’ll never be disappointed.