Homemade Pizza Guide

Pictured recipe:  Broccoli & Sausage Skillet Pizza

One way to ensure a really great pizza crust is to use a wood-burning oven that reaches a temperature of at least 600°F, a feature most home kitchens lack. Fortunately, you can transform your regular oven into a pizza oven by baking directly on a hot pizza stone. The unglazed clay surface absorbs and distributes heat evenly, producing a crisp crust. Here are some tips for adapting the recipes.

The Best Way to Store Fresh Basil

Fresh herbs of all kinds are fleeting. We've all had the experience of reaching into the fridge only to find what was once a bountiful bunch of fresh herbs now wilted and dying. Some are quicker to slip away than others. The worst offender in the withering department is basil. Its moist and delicate leaves bruise and mold so easily that unless you plan on using it immediately, is it even worth the investment?

30-Day Challenge to Find Your Healthy

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The One Change You Need to Make to Have Your Healthiest Year

What if you could pull up a seat in front of some of the smartest, most plugged-in experts in their fields—doctors, nutritionists, cardiologists, prevention specialists—and ask them to recommend one thing you can do to better your health? Just one. This is, after all, Resolution Time, when we get all excited to make a fresh start and draft looong mental lists of the changes we want to make: get more sleep, stress less, drop 20 pounds, go vegan, take up power yoga, yada, yada, yada. All very noble. But baby steps are the name of the game when it comes to long-term success.

I Tried the Ketogenic Diet for 30 Days and Here's What Happened

As a rule, I shy away from extreme diets or eating regimens. Atkins? Never heard of him. Whole 30? Wholly not going to bother with it. Paleo? Some things are better left in the history books.

However, the simplicity of the ketogenic (keto for short) diet appealed to me, and seeing as I had a wedding to attend—and a bridesmaid's dress to wear—I needed something effective to help me shed some weight, and fast.

What's the Best Protein Powder For Weight Loss?

Many people trying to lose weight have found themselves on the never-ending quest for protein-rich foods. We know protein can help with weight loss—it is more satisfying than carbs and fat, and will help keep you feeling full. Higher-protein diets are linked with lower BMIs and smaller waists and protein helps build muscle and boost metabolism.

5 Secrets to Getting Dinner on the Table No Matter How Busy You Are

Get out of your weeknight dinner rut with these essential meal-planning strategies from The Dinner Plan cookbook.

My family is busy. Really busy. And I bet you can relate. No two nights are the same: Ice hockey practice, choir rehearsals, board-of-ed meetings, a friend's birthday dinner, math tutor, guitar lessons, a dog that needs to go to the vet. It's a miracle that the kid doesn't end up getting checked for fleas while the dog strums "Blackbird." Add making dinner to the mix and you've got a recipe for extreme frustration.