5 ways to beat overeating throughout the day

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If you find yourself overindulging throughout the day—second breakfast in the morning, ravenously snacking in the afternoon, a little too much dessert at night—we have news for you. New research sheds light on tips and tricks that may help you to curb overeating throughout the day. Tori Rodriguez reported on these studies for the July/August issue of EatingWell Magazine to help you keep overeating in check:

5 tips for perfect grilled vegetables

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Although I love a steak or a burger hot off the grill, it’s vegetables that I really prefer cooking over flames. They cook quickly and are so delicious with just a hint of smoke from the fire. Plus you don’t have to panic about whether they’re over- or underdone in the middle like you do with meat. In most cases, you can tell if they’re ready just by looking at them.

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Here are my tips for perfect grilled vegetables:

6 expert tricks for packing your burgers with flavor

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We’re big fans of burgers here at EatingWell. And no wonder—these iconic little rounds of beef are practically vacuums for flavor. They suck up the smokiness of the grill and the savoriness of any other ingredients added to them: garlic, onion, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder. You can top them with any range of condiments, veggies or cheeses.

5 foods for flatter abs

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It’s summer—and that means your summer vacation is probably just around the corner. If you’re looking to slim down before you slip into that bathing suit (and who isn’t?!), you’re in luck. Cutting calories and exercising are, of course, must-dos—and you can try this 7-day weight-loss meal plan to lose up to 2 pounds this week. But new research shows that some foods may have waist-shrinking properties. Here are five tummy-tamers to add to your diet—as reported by Karen Ansel, M.S., R.D., for EatingWell Magazine.

How to cut 400 calories from your burger

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It’s burger season! While some people will choose to simply enjoy an occasional calorie splurge without worrying about the consequences, there are many of us who are eager to find ways to indulge without ruining our diet. It’s easy to save calories when you’re hosting your own cookout; it’s a bit harder when you’re just a guest at someone else’s shindig.

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