Breakfast Challenge: Day 3

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Do you exercise in the morning?

If you do, consider pushing your morning meal to after your workout—as it may help your weight loss efforts, according to new research in The Journal of Physiology. During the six-week study, participants who ate a high-cal, high-fat breakfast before hitting the gym packed on an average of three pounds. The after-workout eaters? They gained almost no weight—although they ate the same breakfast. Find out why here.

Take our Healthy Breakfast Challenge next week!

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We have a new challenge for you! The challenge is to eat breakfast—and a healthy one—every morning this week. Visit the Healthy Breakfast Challenge page each day this week for a new, easy tip. As an added incentive, we're giving away a copy of The Simple Art of EatingWell to one lucky participant. All you have to do is share your favorite, healthy 3-ingredient breakfast and we'll pick our favorite response next Friday, July 22. Good luck!

Back-To-School Dinner Challenge: Day 5

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A little planning can go a long way when it comes to weeknight meals. I’m a big fan of casseroles for dinner because you can make them ahead and have them in your fridge or freezer ready to go. If you don’t have time to make a casserole ahead of time, you can still throw one together easily on a weeknight in a skillet like in this Skillet Tuna Noodle Casserole (known as Tuna-Pea Wiggle to some). Casseroles in a skillet require very little clean up since they’re cooked in one dish.

Back-to-School Dinner Challenge: Day 4

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Ordering pizza is a nice break for the cook in the kitchen once in awhile but be careful not to get seduced by the convenience! Sure it’s nice to make a phone call and have dinner arrive at your door 20 minutes later, especially on a busy weeknight. But did you know you could make your own pizza in the same time it takes for you to make the make the call and get the delivery? Try our Smoky Corn & Black Bean Pizza. It’s finished in 30 minutes flat.

Back-To-School Dinner Challenge: Day 3

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Cooking healthfully means getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet and most people don’t get enough! Aim for 4 to 13 servings a day. A serving size is 1/2 to 1 cup depending on the fruit or vegetable. We know that not everyone is a fan of this principle, so that’s why we like recipes like Hamburger Buddy. Very finely chopping onion, mushrooms and carrots in the food processor is not only fast—it makes the vegetables hard to detect for picky eaters.

Back-To-School Dinner Challenge: Day 2

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Let's face it. Everyone loves fried food. From time to time it's tempting to just pile the family in the car, and run through the drive-through. But it's easy to make "fried" food at home! At EatingWell, we oven fry. It's a technique that delivers that crispy outer crust that everyone loves, while using WAY less fat. So next time you get a hankering for some chicken nuggets, try these Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Tenders instead. What's the secret to oven frying? Here are the steps:

Back-to-School Dinner Challenge: Day 1

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Eating healthfully and making foods the whole family will love can be a challenge to say the very least. But it's not impossible! Take our Baked Macaroni and Cheese for example. Everyone loves Mac & Cheese, and we've made it healthy with a few simple tweaks. The cheesy sauce is made with low-fat milk. Low-fat cottage cheese is added to the sauce to give a boost of flavor and texture making it less necessary to add loads of full-fat cheddar.