Got Halo Top? Just Eat the Real Ice Cream, Says One Dietitian

I love ice cream—going out for a cone is an almost-weekly summer activity and sometimes a carton or two even makes its way into my freezer. But there's a new ice cream in town that people keep asking me about: Halo Top. And it's not just Halo Top, there's low-calorie Arctic Zero and Breyers Delights too—all boasting their pint's low calorie count.

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Pack Lunch for You and the Kids in Half the Time with These Meal-Prep Tips


I overheard a mom at the playground tell friends how she'd prepped weekly lunches for the whole family for the first time. She remarked how nice it was to have prepared lunches ready to send with her child to preschool and for she and her husband to take to work. I couldn't agree more! Starting the week off with prepared meals makes it so much easier to eat healthy all week—not to mention avoiding more morning chaos getting ready.

The Only Formula You Need to Pack a Healthy Bento Box Lunch for Kids


More than five years of packing lunches quickly teaches you survival-of-the-fittest methods. I've learned how to create a healthy bento box lunch for my kids that they'll actually eat (and get them out the door before missing carpool or the bus). For me, it's important to pack foods with a variety of nutrients, textures and flavors. But it can't just be healthy—my girls are selective about the foods they eat and I want them to look forward to lunch.

Are There Chemicals in Your Mac & Cheese? What You Need to Know About Phthalates

Making macaroni and cheese from a boxed mix is a super-easy dinner that both kids and adults love. And though you may have thought twice about the nutrition of these neon cheese powder dinners, a new report may give you yet another reason to think about ditching the box.

How to Eat Healthy Through Wedding Season & Still Enjoy the Party

At a certain point in life, summer plans seem to revolve around weddings. I'm coming off a three-weekend wedding streak, with three weddings in as many cities. That's three welcome parties, three celebratory cocktail hours, three series of passed appetizers, three-course meals, three-layer cakes and three next-day brunches.

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A Buyer's Guide to Sugar Substitutes

Here’s a rundown of some FDA-cleared sweeteners—which have also earned the go-ahead from major health organizations, like the American Heart Association. To get FDA approval, manufacturers must submit dozens of tests to prove safety, and establish maximum intake levels (called Acceptable Daily Intake, or ADI). However, some groups, like the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), quibble with the quality of these studies, which are usually conducted by the manufacturers themselves, or companies they hire.

1-Day Back-to-School Kids' Meal Plan


Kids going back to school? Help them make the grade with healthy foods to fuel brain power and give them the energy they need to get through the school day. This 1-day back-to-school meal plan includes healthy kid-approved ideas for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Start the day with oatmeal, a great brain-booster that helps with concentration and cognitive skills.