30-Day Challenge to Eat Inspired

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Chayote Squash Is the Super-Healthy Food You Haven't Heard of but Need In Your Life

Photo: Chatuporn Sornlampoo / EyeEm/Getty Images

This story originally appeared on Shape.com by Shannon Bauer.

It sounds like a furry animal you would see in the desert—but it's definitely not, and that's also not how you say it. Here, everything you need to know about chayote.

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Best Healthy Whole-Grain Snacks to Pack

Eat plenty of whole grains and you'll reap a long list of health benefits. Truly. (C'mon, carb haters, keep reading!)

You'll likely have lower cholesterol, better blood pressure, a lower risk of diabetes and better blood sugar management; even your liver and teeth may be healthier. Research also shows you could live longer, as well as cut your risk of dying from heart disease and cancer.

Why Cooking Kidney Beans in Your Slow Cooker Can Make You Sick

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Pictured Recipe: Mom's Chili