It's never too late to try the 12-Week Diet Challenge

Submitted by admin on Thu, 10/13/2011 - 11:08
A lot of new members have joined LosingWell in the past few weeks--welcome! Since the new year, we've been encouraging people to try out the EatingWell Diet Challenge, a 12-week program on our site that blends the clinically-tested weight-loss principles of the EatingWell Diet with delicious recipes and helpful tools. You can start the challenge at any time!

Weighing in on the Dukan Diet

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Since I read about the Dukan Diet, which the New York Times has dubbed the “French Atkins,” I’ve been wondering how much this diet will take hold in the U.S. (you can read Elaine Sciolino’s piece in the New York Times here). It’s been wildly popular in Europe, with the French copy selling 3.5 million copies, and is soon to make its North American debut. Adherents, or “Dukannistes” include European celebrities, such as Kate Middleton's glamorous mother, Carole.

Where Would You Like to See Calorie Labeling?

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With Americans consuming about a third of their total calories on food prepared outside of the home, it’s welcome news (at least to me) that last week, the Food and Drug Administration released proposed calorie labeling rules for food sold in vending machines and on menus in chain restaurants with 20 or more locations. Menu labeling laws already exist in 18 states, cities and counties, including my home state Vermont, as well as California, New York City, Philadelphia and King County, Washington.

The Skinny on the 17-Day Diet

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The latest fad diet gaining media attention is the 17 Day Diet, by Dr. Mike Moreno (it’s been featured on Dr. Phil and Good Morning America). One devoted Facebook fan wrote, “It’s not just a diet it's a lifestyle now for me!” If you haven’t heard of it, here’s your chance to learn all about it and weigh in with your two cents:

5 “healthy” kids’ foods that aren’t

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My sons are grown now, but I remember well the challenges of stocking my pantry with foods they liked that were good for them too. Because I’m a nutrition professor, my neighbors, friends and family often ask me whether or not a particular food is a nutritious choice for their kids.

Don’t Miss: 4 Foods that Boost Kids’ Brain Power

Here are a few foods that at first glance seem healthy, but deserve a closer look.

Family dinners for $1 per person

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Visiting my parents last weekend, I came to a realization: we’re a bunch of cheapskates. Really! Half of my family’s conversations revolved around how we saved $2 buying slightly used socks last week or found a perfectly good blender at the recycling center... It was just sitting there! I’d like to say I’m different, but deep down I know that tendency to save money is hewn into my DNA. Let’s put it this way: I’ve been comparison shopping for a bicycle on Craigslist for 4 months now.