Store-Bought Cauliflower Products We Love

Yep, Americans are crazy for cauliflower. We're roasting whole heads and grilling steaks cut from their centers. We're using it to mimic carbs and cream. It's one gorgeous veggie and comes in many hues, making it endlessly Instagrammable. (The only way it could soar higher is if it could be spiralized!) And we're eating it up: we've doubled our consumption of this crucifer since 1970 and there's no sign of us stopping.

Palm Oil Has a Reputation for Being Bad for You—Here's What Nutritionists Really Think

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Palm oil may not be a home kitchen staple like olive oil or canola oil. But researchers are taking another look at the health benefits and drawbacks of this widely produced tropical oil. Palm oil is on the ingredient list in numerous processed foods, and it's used in many prepared dishes thanks to its high smoke point.

Is There Actually a “Best” Way to Load the Dishwasher?

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If divorce papers had boxes you could check to declare the reason you want to end your union, I suspect the box for “Loaded dishwasher incorrectly” would get a lot of use. Personally, I would have liked to use that reason to separate myself from some friends and family members over the years.