7-Day Meal Plan: 30-Minute Dinners for Fall

With the shift from summer to fall, we welcome the change from grilling to roasting, from summer squash to butternut squash and from fruity salads to warming soups. What doesn't change with the seasons is that we still want dinner to be just as simple and delicious as always. In this 7-day dinner plan, all the recipes feature favorite fall flavors and are ready in a quick 30 minutes or less. Enjoy hearty and satisfying salads, perfectly roasted winter vegetables and savory bowls of creamy pasta in this week of easy fall dinners.

Flu-Fighting Foods You Already Have in Your Kitchen

Even before I became a parent myself, I'd experienced the power of food to comfort during illness. Readily prepared with a bucket of cleaning supplies and a handful of amazing home remedies, my mother welcomed flu season with the resolve of a seasoned caregiver. Aside from the basics (lots of fluid, a quick face steam and herbal tea), she always offered specific foods she swore would make me better—or, at the very least, make me feel better.