How to Eat Healthy Through Wedding Season & Still Enjoy the Party

At a certain point in life, summer plans seem to revolve around weddings. I'm coming off a three-weekend wedding streak, with three weddings in as many cities. That's three welcome parties, three celebratory cocktail hours, three series of passed appetizers, three-course meals, three-layer cakes and three next-day brunches.

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A Buyer's Guide to Sugar Substitutes

Maybe you think you don't use sugar substitutes. Maybe you steer clear of diet sodas and "lite" foods to avoid chemicals like aspartame. But if you've eaten certain high-fiber cereals, salad dressings, frozen entrees—or even sipped some nondiet iced teas—then you've probably consumed a lot more of them than you realize. And your odds are only growing: sugar substitute use in packaged foods has been rising steadily for the past -decade—the amount in our food supply now tops 26 pounds per person annually.

7 Foods for Better Sex—Plus a Few to Avoid

Recipe to Try: Champagne Float

Let's get something straight: Eating certain foods probably won't spice up your sex life overnight. When it comes to sex, most experts agree it's what in your head—not what's on your plate—that counts most. "Sexual performance is more about body confidence than nutrition," says Jessica Crandall, R.D., a certified diabetes educator and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

This Prep-Ahead Kids Lunch Station Will Keep You Sane for Back-to-School


I enjoy the morning ritual of packing healthy lunches and snacks for my kids to bring to school when I'm not in a hurry. But most days, packing lunch is just one more task I need to check off before we all rush out the door. It takes time, energy and money to plan out kids' meals and to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need. And it's a real bummer—and a waste of food and dollars—when lunches come home half-eaten.

What to Eat the Day After an Indulgent Summer Night

Summer is finally upon us, and that means patio parties, barbecues and other delicious family affairs. With so many tasty al fresco opportunities penciled into the calendar, a lot of us attempt to compensate by eating better all week long in anticipation of a weekend splurge. But you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

6 Super-Healthy and Super-Cheap Foods to Eat

Who wouldn't love a lower grocery bill? If you're trying to be money conscious but don't want to sacrifice your diet, we completely understand. When it comes to eating healthy on a budget, focus on foods that you can buy in large quantities, are versatile and pack a nutrient punch. Here are 6 foods you should add to your cart. They may not be the trendiest items out there, but they are nutritious and economical.



Clean Eating Buyer's Guide to Beef

When buying beef there are many choices to make besides what cut to use. This includes what the animal was fed, what medications it might have been given and how it was treated during its life. This guide covers what to look for at the market, how to understand the package labels and what to ask when you're buying beef at a farmers' market or directly from the farmer.

Featured recipe: Steak with Cheddar Roasted Cabbage