Day 12: Get right back on track when you slip up

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Did a coworker bring in homemade brownies and you sampled one (OK, three)? At dinner, did you nosh on the breadbasket, order fries instead of a side salad with your meal and eat dessert? Diet slip–ups happen to all of us, so don’t beat yourself up and abandon your weight–loss goals. One meal doesn’t negate all of your healthy efforts, as long as you’re making healthy choices most of the time.

Which is healthier: chocolate fudge or chocolate bark?

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When I’m invited to someone’s house for dinner, I never show up empty-handed. Call me Southern (which is a compliment!) but I think bringing a little offering says, “Thank you so much for inviting me over and serving me food.” I used to bring a bottle or wine or flowers, but recently I’ve been whipping up homemade treats. This holiday season I’m making EatingWell’s new homemade chocolate bark recipes. Why? Because bark is a lot healthier and easier to make than chocolate fudge.

How to Find the Best Healthy Tortilla Chips

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Most tortilla chips contain just corn, oil and salt and less than 150 calories per serving—not bad stats for a food that normally gets relegated to the “junk food” aisle. We searched out the healthiest options (that still taste great). Here’s what we found:

Bye-Bye, Baked: The taste and texture of baked chips often leaves much to be desired and there’s no real nutritional benefit. Baked have about the same calories as fried chips, but more carbs and sodium.

The real truth about how food labels affect the food we choose and buy

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Next time you open your pantry, take a closer look at the packaging of your food.

You probably see a cacophony of health claims and healthy–sounding words: High in protein! With omega–3 fatty acids! Contains probiotics! High in calcium! Whole wheat! High fiber! Gluten–free! All–natural! Organic!

General Tso’s Chicken as quick as takeout—and healthier

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In the mood for Chinese tonight? Hold the phone! Takeout is tempting, but you can make a tastier, healthier dinner that will satisfy your craving and be ready as fast as it would take to find the restaurant menu, decide what everyone wants, order and wait.

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Lighter creamy mustard chicken without the cream

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When it comes to food, “creamy” is such an enticing word, isn’t it? It promises deliciousness and conjures up satisfying comfort food. It also usually conjures up a heap of calories and fat—but not this recipe for Creamy Mustard Chicken developed by the EatingWell Test Kitchen. Without using any heavy cream, this recipe delivers on velvety goodness while being kind to your waistline. In fact, it’s even heart-healthy!

Dine out at Home: 5 Healthy Recipes for Italian, Chinese & Mexican Takeout Favorites

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What are you in the mood for tonight—Italian? Mexican? Chinese? Hold the phone! Takeout is tempting, but instead of ordering out (again) you can make a tastier, healthier dinner that will satisfy your craving and be ready in the same amount of time it would take to find the restaurant menu, decide what everyone wants, dial, order and wait.

Should I try The Fast Diet for weight loss?

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Don’t be fooled by the book title. The FastDiet (Atria, 2013), by Dr. Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer, doesn’t call for a total fast—or eating quickly. Also known as the 5:2 diet, it has you adopt a lifelong pattern of fasting two days a week and being “gloriously free from calorie counting” for five days. On those two fasting days, you can eat 500 or 600 calories—for women and men, respectively.