What Is a Complex Carbohydrate?

Recipe to Try: Creamy Fettuccine with Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms

Carbohydrates have had their ups and downs lately. And carbs can be complicated. When you hear, "carbohydrates," you may envision white bread, rice and pasta, and think these are foods to limit or avoid. But have you heard the recent buzz about complex carbohydrates and how they can be part of a healthy diet?

30-Day Self-Care Challenge

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Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

While the majority of our culture obsesses over weight loss and diets, there are groups of people focused on exactly the opposite. Weight gain may improve health in a number of situations: when dealing with an eating disorder or recovering from an illness, if you're a serious athlete, dealing with metabolic changes, or are in a period of growth (e.g., puberty or pregnancy). However, if you're looking for weight-gain tips, it's often hard to find a healthy or sustainable solution.