3-Day Clean-Eating Kick-Start Meal Plan: 1,500 Calories

Ditch the crazy-restrictive cleanse and instead kick-start healthy eating habits with this easy-to-follow and satisfying 3-day diet plan. If your eating habits have felt a little heavy recently, think of this clean-eating meal plan as a way to hit the reset button to help you get back on track. At the end of these three days, you should feel refreshed, energized and motivated to keep on with your healthy habits.

Dietitian-Approved Grocery Items You Should Be Buying at Costco

Photo: Getty Images/ SOPA Images

While Costco may be famous for 27-lb buckets of macaroni and cheese and super deals on food court pizza, it can also be a fantastic place to find healthy and organic options at a great price.

Our resident dietitian at EatingWell, Lisa Valente, R.D., says there are some pretty amazing deals on healthy food and beverages out there for Costco shoppers—you just need to be strategic about what you buy.