10 Nights of Trader Joe's Meal-Prep Hacks for Super-Easy Dinners

I know I'm not the only parent out there who has days (or weeks, months or years) when getting dinner on the table is a struggle for which I barely have the time, energy or capacity. Some nights I don't have time to tend the stove, others no time to prep, and during the years I had a baby on my hip or in my lap, definitely no hands free for chopping. Unfortunately, in those times I didn't have much of a plan (there were lots of eggs). I know what else you're going to say—takeout. I know, I know.

Ree Drummond Wants to Collaborate with 'Longtime Love' Ina Garten

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What You're Eating Can Affect Your Gut Differently Than Someone Else's

Photo: Getty Images / Gabriela Tulian

You'd think if you ate a salad with grilled chicken and broccoli, it'd give you the same energy and nutrition as someone else who was eating the same meal, right? Or, if you're looking for some natural sweetness, and you choose to eat raspberries, while someone else eats blackberries, you'd also assume you'd get a very similar digestive response, as both fruits are high in fiber and have comparable levels of sugar and calories.

Is the Keto Diet Good for Diabetes?

If you have diabetes you know that carbohydrates are important. So it may seem like an ultra low-carb diet, the ketogenic diet, is the solution to managing your diabetes with food. But is keto all its cracked up to be? Plus, is it safe to "go keto" if you have diabetes? We take a look at the latest research around keto and diabetes and what the ketogenic diet does to your blood sugar.