How Many Grams of Sugar Should You Eat per Day?

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Aah, sugar—the sweet stuff we all love to eat. Brownies, cookies, candy and ice cream just wouldn't be the same. But how much sugar should we eat a day? The truth is, most of us eat too much sugar. So how can you balance your sweet tooth with your health? Read on to find out more about sugar including sources of added sugar, how much is considered healthy and what happens when you eat more than you should.

8 Great Ideas for Packing Healthy Road-Trip Snacks Kids Will Love

If there's one thing our family is good at, it's road-tripping. My best tactic for getting through a long drive all in one piece is to keep little bellies happy: pack healthy road-trip snacks and allow plenty of extra time for pit stops along the way. Because let's face it, road-tripping as a family can be trying for parents and boring for the little ones. So to keep travel as stress-free as possible, plot your stops out ahead of time so you have something to look forward to.

Common Inflammatory Conditions & the Signs & Symptoms to Watch Out For

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Inflammation. It sounds bad, bad, bad and is seemingly on the rise, because it's showing up in every dinnertime conversation these days. The term is nonchalantly tossed around in locker rooms, wellness clinics and on your Facebook feed, and has become a catch-all phrase for health issues we can't quite explain. But here at EatingWell we like science, not sensationalism, so today we're going to break down exactly what the big bad "I word" is and what you can do to avoid it for real.

Ultimate Guide to the Vegan Diet

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With so many alternative milks and soy products appearing on grocery store shelves lately, it should come as no surprise that veganism is on the rise—about 3 percent of the U.S.

Can You Eat or Drink Your Way Out of a Hangover?

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We all know someone who swears by a half-gallon of Pedialyte or a favorite greasy breakfast sandwich to cure them of a nasty hangover. But do these "cures" actually help? We took a look into eight popular hangover remedies to see if there really could be some merit behind them.

I Practiced Self-Care Every Day for a Month—Here's What Happened

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The past few months, I've been a bit of a stress ball. I surmise the uptick in brooding is likely a combination of an increased workload and increased travels, plus other shifting life factors. Whatever the cause, managing this added angst has been both frustrating and exhausting, especially during summer, a time of year I associate with easy, carefree fun.