Is Eggplant Healthy?

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Whether you're wondering how to cook eggplant or have mastered eggplan

7 'Healthy' Foods From Trader Joe's You Should Definitely Avoid

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Let me start by saying I. Love. Trader. Joe's. I love the atmosphere, flowers, kombucha, branding, Teeny-Tiny Avocados and so much more. I spent approximately half of my work week writing about Trader Joe's, wandering my local store or stalking Trader Joe's accounts on Instagram.

That said, no grocery store is perfect, and if you're a Trader Joe's shopper trying to eat a little cleaner, there are some so-called "healthy" products you should steer clear of. Here, you'll find seven unhealthy items disguised as nutritious options:


Everything You Need to Know About Those Viral "Long Neck" Avocados

Photo: Miami Fruit

We'd like to consider ourselves avocado aficionados here at EatingWell, keeping up with the latest varieties, learning cool avocado hacks and, of course, experimenting with all sorts of avocado recipes. However, we recently discovered an avocado unlike anything we've ever seen before—it's a three-foot-long, three-pound beast—and we're already thinking about the avocado toast possibilities.


Jaime Milan, Associate Digital Editor

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