10 tricks to make losing weight easier

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To successfully lose weight and keep it off, eating well and exercising are key—the “secret,” of course, is to eat less and move more (find out how many calories you should be eating to lose weight here). But even the most committed dieters can benefit from a few tricks to boost their weight-loss efforts. Here are 10 easy, everyday diet tips to add to your weight-loss arsenal.

3 Essential Ingredients of a Healthy Breakfast

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How to make the best lighter cheesecake

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I love everything about cheesecake—the sweet taste with just a hint of saltiness, the creamy texture and the sweet graham cracker crust. What’s not to love? Well, I can think of one thing: how I feel after I’ve eaten only a small slice. That would be guilt mixed with the sensation that I just swallowed a brick. Cheesecake may have the reputation of being tasty, but being healthy has never been one of its virtues.
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5 of the healthiest winter foods

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Embracing the flavors and produce of each season is not only more delicious (out-of-season fruits and vegetables tend to be mealy shadows of their in-season selves), it also helps me to get a more varied diet throughout the year. Although there are fewer foods that are in-season in winter than summer, there are some surprising health superstars. Here are 5 of the healthiest winter foods you should be eating.
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3 holiday foods that actually help you lose weight

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It’s the holidays and you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself! Problem is, you’re reading all these blogs about how fattening eggnog is, so you’ll have to borrow Santa’s pants after the string of holiday soirees you’ve got lined up.

Which Is Healthier: Hot Chocolate or Eggnog?

Today, I’d like to bring you a little good cheer, to tell you about three holiday foods that might actually help you lose weight. Cue: Little Drummer Boy… Drumroll, please.

4 holiday (eating) habits to break right now

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The holiday season is nutty, and when you’re running around in 20 different directions and your brain has gone fa-la-la chances are, you’re not thinking quite so much about what, and how much, you’re eating. (Discover how to indulge without the bulge during the holidays!) So let me help you out: here are 4 things that might be sabotaging your diet—and mine—this holiday season, plus easy fix-it solutions.

Which is healthier: hot chocolate or eggnog?

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The past few weeks have seen the return of two seasonal drinks—hot chocolate and eggnog. Both taste sinfully delicious, but one of them trumps the other in terms of healthfulness.

Although I like both, I’m partial to hot chocolate. Its silky richness hits the spot on cold winter days. But as a registered dietitian and associate nutrition editor of EatingWell Magazine, I had to find out if I was making the healthiest choice.
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